Sunday, May 11, 2008

Charlotte Threads of Love

I wanted to share with everyone about a local group, with national roots, that is very near and dear to my heart. Threads of Love is a national organization with over 100 chapters
that provides handmade clothing, blankets and other items for premature and sick infants, as
well as for those grieving a stillbirth or pregnancy loss. Our local Charlotte Threads of Love chapter, which was founded in 2004, delivers items each month to CMC-Uptown, Presbyterian-Uptown, CMC-University and Northeast Medical Center. The group is made up entirely of volunteers whose common goal is to minister to the parents and babies during a time of uncertainty.

I was first introduced to a group like this when our twin girls spent several weeks in the NICU in Buffalo, NY where they were born. I cannot tell you what it meant to come into the NICU and see our girls dressed in "real" clothes that were their size! It is such an encouragement to parents to know that someone they have never meant thought enough about their little ones to make such special little things for them.

When you visit their site at you will see the many different ways that folks can get involved. You do not have to have sewing, knitting, or crocheting skills to be able to help. You can make Lovie Dolls (pictured above) like my 3rd-6th grade Awana girls group did last Wednesday evening. Children as young as 3 or 4 can make Lovie Dolls which are then provided to the babies as a way to help them bond with their parents. Each parents takes the Lovie Doll and rubs their scent unto the doll which is then placed next to the infant. This helps the baby to feel that their parent is close by even when they cannot be. If you are interested in having a Lovie Doll party, especially this summer when our children are home from school and maybe would like special project, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to lead the party and the group will also help provide some of the supplies needed.

While there are many items made by the ladies in the group, I help to make the vests, blankets, and knitted/crocheted hats. This has been a wonderful way to improve on my knitting and crocheting skills. I actually only started crocheting about a year ago and these little hats have been a wonderful way to learn the different techniques. If you are more into sewing, the group can provide you with pre-cut vest packets with a vest and a flannel-backed cotton blanket (see pictures above). These are also very easy to put together and you can add decorate stitching along the edges of the blankets. If you are interested and live in the Matthews area, I can help to provide you with vest packets to sew and then collect the completed items and turn them into the Director of the program. I would also be more than happy to help show anyone interested how to put together the items in the packets.

This summer I hope to host a Lovie Doll party here at my home (my girls love to put them together) and maybe even host a knitting/crocheting time if anyone is interested in learning how to make these little hats. If you would be interested in attending one of these or would like to have a Lovie Doll party at your home/community, please contact me at and I will be than happy to get you set up!

Happy Sewing!

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Christie said...

I love the little hearts on the blanket - how did you do that? These are adorable and I know this organization is one that is very dear to you. You've done alot to give back, and I'm sure they appreciate it!