Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Book Review: Simply Sewing by Judy Sadler

I have wanted to post book reviews for a while now as I can be frequently seen checking out numerous sewing books from the library to see which ones my students might be interested in. I have decided to start with one that I liked upon first opening its pages.

Simply Sewing by Judy Sadler is written for kids but I think it can be appreciated by beginners of all ages. It is very reasonably priced ($6.95 for the paperback version from Amazon.com) and it features colorful pictures of the projects which catch the eye.

The book first covers items to consider for your sewing kit and then discusses fabric basics. It touches on both the basic hand and machine sewing stitches needed for the projects in the book. It also has a couple of pages discussing the important parts of your sewing machine. But of course my favorite part of the book is the project section. Each project builds on the next and, by the end, you have learned how to sew zippers, follow seam allowances, appliques, hems, velcro, and buttons.

Here is a list of the projects in this book:

  • Patchwork Pincushion

  • Slumber Sack

  • Roll-and-Go Blanket

  • Tiny T-shirt Skirt

  • Decorating Your Duds

  • Jeans-to-Skirt

  • Beach Wrap

  • Beach Bag

  • Zippy Pillow

  • Makeup bag

  • PJ Pants

So if you have a child or teen interested in sewing or if you are looking for some simple projects for yourself as you learn to sew or re-introduce yourself to sewing, you should really check out this book!

Happy Sewing!

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