Sunday, July 27, 2008

Finally Finished My Felted Purse

Things have been crazy here with the usual activities of summer: swimming lessons, relatives coming in town for a visit, doing fun things with the kids while they are off from school, etc. I also am still having some trouble with kidney stones unfortunately (this makes 2 in two months). But I was able to finally complete a felted purse I had started to knit back in early June.

I purchased the yarn at a new little store in Owego, NY (on one of our trips to see family there) called Moonshine Fiber located at 401 Main Street. The yarn is 100% wool (I apologize I do not have the brand name...I looked through my stash and cannot find the yarn wrappers). I did the body of the purse on circular needs and worked my way from the top (green ribbed part) down to the bottom of the bag. I started with working in a ribbed pattern for the green and then used the bobbles yarn to do purling. The pink section is just knitted and then I used the 3 needle bind off method to finish my bag.

Once I was done knitting and added the green strap (I just knitted each row), the hard part for me was felting it as it was my first felted project. What if I ruined my pretty little bag after all that knitting? Well, I turned my washing machine to hot, added a little detergent, some crocs for friction and added my purse. I would note here that it is best to put a purse in a pillowcase or zippered laundry bag when felting so the strap does not get tangled.

I ended up putting it through twice as it was not felted enough for me after the first cycle. You have to watch it REALLY closely to make sure it does not felt too much and I think I took it out before the second cycle was done. I then just let it air dry. I am happy with my first felted purse and will do more.

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Christie said...

It turned out really cute!! What did the dimensions end up being after washing it?