Monday, July 7, 2008

Totes, Totes

As you have noticed (I know you have), it has been awhile since my last blog entry. Unfortunately I have been under the weather these past couple of weeks dealing with a very stubborn kidney stone. As those of you know who have also been graced with them, the pain is completely unpredictable at times and the whole process is quite tiring. While this adventure is not yet over, it has moved very low giving hope for an end in site. I am now trying to resume all normal duties and get back to the fun things in life!

One of the projects that many of my advanced beginner students make (both young and adult) is a lined tote bag. We walk through how to line the bag, square off the bottom so it sits, how to sew easy straps and any optional features that the student chooses (i.e. appliques, button flaps, fringe).

The first picture above was made by an adult student. She used a wonderful Asian print fabric and lined it with black fabric. We did not do any optional features on this bag as it was her project to complete using a commercial pattern. She did a wonderful job wading through the sometimes difficult to understand pattern directions.

The second picture is a bag made by a 12 yr old student of mine. She created this tote to carry her dance shoes to class in. We did add a button flap to the top and she was able to use the button hole foot on the machine to learn how to easily make them. I have to comment here on the fabric as I just loved her (and her Mom's =) choices. They bought the fabric at a great store in Gastonia, NC called Mary Jo's. If you live anywhere near Gastonia/Charlotte and sew, you must make the trip. They have SO much to look at and choose at. And not just cotton fabric but all kinds home decor and delicate fabrics as well. The prices are also very reasonable and I always find something that I just have to have!

That is all for now...barring any unexpected twists in my "stone" saga, I promise to not let so much time elapse between entries. =)

Happy Sewing!

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Christie said...

They did a great job! Maybe one day I'll make one - Ha!!! :-)