Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Need for Pincushions

Anyone who has been to my sewing room knows that I have an ever growing collection of pincushions that I use. And yes, I do use them all as my motto has always been that a "sewing lady" can never have too many. The latest addition was one that I made from a pattern that designer Anna Maria Horner included on the Better Homes and Garden website. If you have never seen her designs, go to her blog and enjoy looking at her fabrics. Her blog is very visually stimulating and the fabrics are just beautiful and inspiring.

You can find the pattern here and I would encourage you to give one a try. It is a bit larger than a regular pincushion (whatever those are) but I really like its size. I have long straight pins and don't poke through to the other side on this one. I have another pincushion that I am working on making and will post pictures soon when I have that one made.

Happy Sewing!

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Christie said...

These are adorable! :-)