Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine's Day is Almost Here!

Recently I went on an online seach to find some Valentine's Day related projects for my younger students. I found these cute Heart Sachets from Sew4Home and had to make one up. I did not have any wonderful smelling potpourri to put into into so I just used Polyfil as I was excited to get it done.

I was actually really happy with my little heart and could not wait to show my kid's class. I printed out the patterns, got some fabric and ribbon ready and guess one wanted to make any!!! How can that be? They all had other things they wanted to make and Valentine's Day just was not on the mind for them. Maybe they will change their mind as we get closer.

The site Sew4Home also has other wonderful projects and it is a very vibrant site to look at. Check it out! I added a link to it on my right sidebar. If you make any of the heart sachets, please send me some pics!

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