Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kyoko Dress

I bought this pattern on Fabric.com during one of their sales and just had to make it for one of my daughters.  It is the Kyoko dress/top designed by Patty Young.  The fabric I bought at Mary Jo's in Gastonia and it is also by Patty Young (part of her Mezzanine line) for Michael Miller Fabrics.  I just loved the colors and had to make this dress with them! 

Her pattern was very easy to follow.  You do have to be at least an advanced beginner to follow along but she gives excellent explanations of everything.  I did cut out my fabric a little differently than the pattern said just so I would have enough fabric for my dress.  I bought what the pattern suggested for her size but when I cut out the first dress for my other daughter, I did not have enough fabric in the end.

My older twin daughter just wore this one for the first time recently and she loved it.  She is such a little string bean though that the sash kept moving south on her but she got used to it.  I would definitely suggest trying her patterns and dressing up your little girl in fun, bright colors!

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