Friday, June 18, 2010

Thread - Making It Go Further!

Here is a sewing tip for you.

 Instead of buying countless small spools of Coats and Clark thread, I buy the large cones of Maxi-Lock thread which has about 3,000 yards of polyester thread on it (the largest Coats and Clark spool has 500 yards on it).  These cones last a long time and are great for many of the projects we do here in class and that I do at home. 

These cones are made to be used with sergers (overlock machines) but with this thread stand, they can be used with a regular sewing machine.  I bought my stand at Queen City Sewing in Charlotte and love it as it is all metal.  They also carry them at Hancock Fabrics but I noticed the base is plastic which may not make a difference but I like the weight and sturdiness of the metal stand.  If you are one of my students and would like for me to pick up a stand for you next time I am at Queen City Sewing, just email me.

In terms of the cones of thread,  you can buy them at Queen City Sewing, Hancock Fabrics or even Mary Jo's in Gastonia.  I was at Hancocks the other day and they had the solid colors for $2.99 each.

Just set up the stand behind your machine, put your cone onto the center pin and run the thread through the top loop.  Then just thread your machine like easy and you will not run out of each color of thread quite so fast! 

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