Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project Spotlight: Sewing Machine Cover

This fall, I am going to be spotlighting some beginner projects that are perfect for the beginner sewer.  I will add the links to the sidebar on the right so you can always come back to them later to access them.

Our first project to spotlight is a tutorial for a Sewing Machine Cover on the Spool Sewing website.  Spool Sewing is a sewing and quilting shop located in Philadelphia, PA.  On their website, they have offered some free project sheets which includes this sewing machine cover.

You will only need 1 yard of fabric for this can use either quilting cotton or home decor.  I actually had to piece together the fabric on mine (see below) as I was using leftover home decor pieces from another project.  I used some rick rack trim to hide my seams where I pieced it together.  You could use rick rack, another trim or ribbon along the bottom edge if you would like. 

By now, you might be wondering, "Why do I need a sewing machine cover?"  Believe it or not, our houses are dusty and sewing machines seem to collect dust on them in warp speed when they are not in use.  We were gone last week on vacation and when I came home, I noticed a couple of my machines had a nice, thin layer of dust on them.  These covers help to protect your machine.

You can find the directions to the sewing machine cover by clicking here.  I will put a link on the sidebar for future reference.  Thank you Spool Sewing for offering this great project!

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