Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quilted Case Tutorial

So here in Charlotte today, it was rainy and everyone in my morning sewing class cancelled so I thought I would put together a tutorial for these quilted cases that I have been making for the Awana store at our church.  I though they would be great as a pencil case, a place to keep Awana shares, eyeglass case or anything else you can fit in there. 

I apologize first of all for the pictures as I did not have any natural light to work with and I am just a bad picture taker. 

Materials Needed:

 - Pre-quilted fabric: I found some at a thrift store for cheap and this fabric was giving to me by one of my sweet sewing students whose mom bought it at a bag sale.  I have also seen it Walmart and Hancock Fabrics.  You could also use an old quilt or quilted bedspread.
 - Double Folded Bias Tape 1/2" wide - one package in a color that coordinates with your fabric.  Hancock Fabrics often puts this on sale for half off.
 - Sew-in Velcro - about a 1 1/2" piece would be enough unless you want more/less

Sewing Your Case:

1.  First, decide on how big you want your case and cut your quilted fabric to size.  My piece is about 8" x 10.5" and I folded it up from the bottom and down from the top.  So the finished case is 8"wide and about 4" tall.

2.  First, you will sew the bias tape to the edge that will be the top of the inside of your case.

Cut a piece of bias tape that will be as long as you need to cover the top edge.  Unfold the edges of the bias tape and you will see how one side of the bias tape is not folded in as much as the other.

We are going to sew that shorter side of the bias tape to the top of our case first.  So unfold that edge the rest of the way until it lays flat and lay it along the top edge of your case.  (On my case, I laid it on the wrong side or the inside of the case first.)  Next, sew down the bias tape in the groove of the first fold.  Remember to reverse stitch at the beginning and the end of your stitching.

Fold over the bias tape covering the top edge.  Next sew down the bias tape staying close to the edge and making sure the tape covers your first stitching line from the other side.

3.  Sewing your velcro:  Fold your case so it looks how you want it to finished and pin the velcro on the inside so the pieces match up when folded.  Make sure to leave a little room between the velcro and the top of your flap piece since we will be sewing bias tape along that edge in a couple of steps.

Sew around each of your strips of velcro along the edges and reverse stitch where you start and stop. 

4.  Next you will sew bias tape around the sides of your case beginning at the bottom left hand side if you looking at the outside of your case (not the inside where the pocket is).  Open out the one side of the bias and place next to the bottom leaving 1/2" extending past the bottom (we will need that little extra little later). 

Sew the bias tape to the side of the case and stop about 1/4" away from the top edge.  Reverse stitch.

Here we will make mitered corners with our bias tape.  Fold the bias tape so that the edge of the tape now runs along the top, long edge of the case and where you are folding it will be along the side of the case.  You will be folding it perpendicular but you can see a diagonal fold under the top folded layer of bias tape. (Hope that all makes sense...if not, here is a link to another tutorial on how to make these folded corners).

Sew along the top edge in the groove of the first fold and again stop 1/4" away from the side edge.  Do the same to this corner and then continue sewing the bias tape until you get to the bottom of the case.  Leave 1/2" past the bottom of the case and cut.

5.  Finishing the case:  Next fold the bias tape over the edges so it covers the stitching line on the other side.  You will now sew the bias tape on the inside of your case.  At the bottoms, you will fold under the 1/2"  first and then fold the bias tape over the edge. 

Beginning at the bottom left side of your case looking at it from the inside where the pocket is, sew the bias tape along the inside edge until you get close to the corner.  At the corners, fold them under so that they also miter or at least get it as close as you can (mine did not want to perfectly on this case =(.  You want to fold over one side first and then bring bring the tape from the other side of your case over the edge.

Sew up to the corner and then put your needle into the fabri, lift the presser foot and turn the fabric to sew down the top edge of your case.

Continue through the next corner until you come back down to the bottom on the other side of  your case and you are done!  Here are some additional pictures of how my case turned out.

Hope that this tutorial was helpful to you and if you decide to try to make some of these cases, I would LOVE to see the pictures!  Please let me know if you have any questions or if you feel I could be clearer on any of the steps.  Happy Sewing!

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