Thursday, December 22, 2011

Patchwork Blanket

Recently I was asked to make a very special blanket and this POST on the Sew4Home website immediately came to mind.  I loved the colors and the fact that it mixed cotton fabrics with a soft fabric like fleece or Minky.

The blanket I made was for a lady who wanted to give the blanket to a nanny who had worked for a family with three children but the mother recently passed away in August from a brain tumor.  Her family had grown close to the mother, her husband and children and the nanny who helped take care of them all while going through a difficult time. 

I chose the colors from the Top Drawer line found at Hancock Fabrics and Michaels but they were so vibrant which is what I am told the mother was like.  On three sides of the blanket are embroidered the names of the three children and on the fourth side is the verse reference Joshua 1:9 which was a special verse to this family. 

As for the blanket itself, it was a little tricky as the fleece does stretch as you work with it (Grrr) and the patchwork squares need to be very exact to match up right in the corners.  Well, not all of mine did but I was happy with the end result and so was the lady I made it for.  I did not use pom poms as off-white is not a common color that they come in and I tried to find another fringe but no one had 6 yards of a fringe I liked on off-white. 

The embroidery I did in a color that kept it understated in the whole scheme of the quilt.  The names are there but they don't stand out in an obvious way.

I think this is a good project for advanced beginners and would be adorable for a baby blanket.  I ended up using a super soft blanket that the lady had purchased at Marshalls and cut it down to almost a square and then sewed the patchwork frame around it.  Here are some more pictures:


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