Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sewing Related Apps

I was excited recently to learn that there are apps for my iPhone for some of the stores that I frequently visit for sewing related items and wanted to make you all aware of it as well.  These apps are also available for Android phones and if you have neither, you can sign up to receive texts which include special coupon offers.

First, the app for Joann Fabrics and Crafts...LOVE IT!   Now I don't have to worry about carrying remembering to bring my coupons with me to the store.  On their app, there is a button at the bottom which scrolls to a page full of all their current coupons.  Just find the coupon you need, click on it and then hand your phone to the cashier!  How easy is that!

Next is Michaels.  Same thing here.  You can view the current coupons and show your phone to the cashier and you are all set!

 Now if you don't have access to apps, no need to worry.  Many stores will also allow you to show the coupon they send you via email on your phone at the checkout.  I actually just did this the other day at Hobby Lobby as they do not have an app (that I am currently aware of).  I pulled up the coupon on the email on my phone and just showed them my phone.  This such a great way to save paper, mailing costs for companies and so convenient for customers too.  So go download your apps!  =)

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