Saturday, February 11, 2012

News on Kenmore Sewing Machines......

We were at the mall today and I stopped in at Sears to buy some vacuum bags and decided to ask about the sewing machines.  I have been suspecting for awhile that they were discontinuing them but was trying to stay in denial about it.  I have liked Kenmore sewing machines for a long time and have recommended them to beginner students.  The sales associate that I spoke basically confirmed my fears and said that they had been selling off all of the Kenmores on clearance while not receiving any new ones in.  They only carry Brother and Singer now.  Even on their website, they are non-existent.  So this week, I will be looking again at the machines available and will be updating the links on the right sidebar as to what I recommend to beginners.  You can always read my tutorial on features to consider while choosing a sewing machine as that will help guide you as well. 

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