Monday, March 5, 2012

Girl's Tiered Skirt in Brown Linen

So my children have decided to grow again and most of their dresses and skirts have become too short and look funny.  Recently we found some deals at Land's End on tops but could not find any bottoms or skirts their sizes since my girls are a little on the small, skinny side. 

My first project over the weekend was to make a brown linen tiered skirt using a tutorial that I found on the blog Kuky Ideas.  I had this tut saved for awhile and even have a link to it over on the right sidebar.  What I love about it is that you can use the math provided to make an adorable skirt no matter what your child's dimensions are. 

Here is how our skirt turned out....I purchased the brown linen at Hancock Fabrics when it was on sale.  I love this chocolate brown......

 And because of this project and some others I did over the weekend, I want to offer to those of you who may not sew, the chance to place your order for a tiered skirt.  This would be perfect for someone who has a child that has a hard time finding clothes because of their body shape/size.  I may sew some skirts in the common sizes and post them for the selling but I am very into custom making clothes for those with hard to buy for dimensions.  Just let me know if you are interested.  If you are a sewing student, this would be a wonderful little skirt to make for Spring!

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