Thursday, June 21, 2012

Toothbrush Travel Pocket

So here is what I was doing yesterday instead of packing for our trip like I was SUPPOSE to be doing.  I really don't like packing.  And especially not for a family of 4! 

I called my sister yesterday to wish her a Happy Birthday and told her about my dilemma about packing.  She asked me when I was leaving and when I said Friday, she said "OH, you have plenty of time!  I never start packing until leaving is imminent!".  Guess I know where my tendency to procrastinate comes from.  And she is the most Type A person in our family!

Anyhow, here is what I worked on, a Toothbrush Travel Pocket for our girls.  I found the idea on Pinterest but figured it could not be that hard to sew.  I think it still could be counted towards packing since they will use it to store their soggy toothbrushes and their OWN toothpaste.   It was the making of the whole tutorial that took away from the overall packing.

Here is what you will need: one washcloth, thread and about 28" of ribbon (preferably grosgrain):

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Joanna Vanderkooi said...

LOVE it!! You are amazing, Marcia!!