Friday, August 31, 2012

Catching Up on Sewing Projects! - Gathered Clutch

It's Friday!  Which for me, means no classes today so I am able to catch up on some of my sewing projects!

I wanted to share a picture of this gathered clutch that I made today.  I used the tutorial HERE created by Noodlehead.  I have made one before so this one took me a little less time to make (about 45 minutes).  I have had students also make this clutch and it is a good project that incorporates gathering and a zipper.

The fabric is called "batik" which is a cotton fabric and I purchased it from a quilting shop in Landrum, SC.  I love to stop in quilting stores in new towns and buy unique fabrics to use in gifts.  I think it helps to make it a little more special and I hope my friend likes it. =)

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