Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Serger Update

Up until yesterday, I still had not threaded my serger.  It came already threaded from the dealer but I had not threaded it myself.  Granted I had CHANGED the thread by tying the ends together with a new color thread and then ran the machine until the threads went through. The serger manual even tells you how to do this.

So, I took the plunge and unthreaded it entirely and dusted it a bit to clean it off (you have to do that a lot with a serger).  I really wanted to learn how to correctly thread it and better understand its parts.  I followed the sewing manual carefully and it was a big help.  There is a sequence as to how you should thread it and apparently (according to all the videos I watched on Youtube) the sequence is not the same on all machines.  So DO consult your manual when attempting to thread your machine. 

I have a Janome serger and here is how my four thread machine is threaded fom first to last: lower looper (which is the hardest to thread IMO), upper looper, right needle, and left needle.  It really was not that bad!  If you have a serger and have not threaded it, I would encourage you to get out your manual and give it a try!  If you are just too intimidated, let me know and I can set up a lesson for you.

Here is what I was up to.  Our uncle had two pairs of jeans that were too long (or as he said, he shrunk and thus they got long) but he still wore them and wore the hems off them.  So I cut off the existing hem and then serged the bottoms so that I could then just turn them under 3/4" just once and then straight stitched it in place using my regular sewing machine.  I did not want to do a double folded hem which most jeans have because they really were not THAT long so I did not want to take too much of the length off.

It was amazing how easy it went through the denim especially the side seams.  Made this little job a lot easier. =)  Next I will show you how to sew Threads of Love blankets using your serger.

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