Friday, August 17, 2012

Threads of Love - Burial Gowns

I have had a couple of friends ask me lately what else we make for the Threads of Love ministry.  I have been highlighting lately the cheerful and yet easy to sew blankets but there are many more items that the group provides as a ministry to the families with little ones in the NICU's.

One of those items are burial gowns.  I just finished one today and wanted to take the time to talk about this special project.  A couple of years of, I had the privilege of teaching at the Threads of Love National Conference that was hosted by our Charlotte Chapter.  I taught the basic construction of the burial gown and another teacher, Joyce, taught how to add special embellishments.  Some of the elements that I added to the gown I finished today are a direct result of that conference.

This little gown is designed for a 1-1.5 lb preemie girl.  I used hand shadow embroidery on the bottom (which Joyce taught me how to do) to add a special element.

Along the bottom hem, I used my machine to sew a feather stitch using shiny embroidery thread.

If you look back at the first pictures, you can see that I used the same decorative featherstitch on the blanket that will also be given to the family to help tie together the two pieces.

Here you can see the contrasting neckband to also tie in the pink:

The neckband actually has a purpose to it.  To place it on the baby, the nurse slips it on then ties the ribbons at the arms and neckline to fit it to the child. 

My new serger came in handy for this project with serging the seams and I did a rolled hem on the back opening edges.  It made all of my seams nice and clean.  I can only do these little gowns when I can really think about what I am doing and can make each one unique.  I just can't sew through a bunch of these like I can the little blankets as they are meant to be special for each family during what is an unfathomable time in their lives.

Next I will highlight the little Snugglies that are made for patients in the NICU.

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