Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boy Bibs....

So lately, there has been a lot of boy babies being welcomed into families close to us.  I love to make bibs as gifts and if you know me, you know that I love to make baby bibs out of flannel as it is SO soft and very absorbent.

But lately, I have not found very much boy flannel that I like.  Bummer, I know.  So I decided to combine a cotton print and flannel.  They are loads of adorable cotton prints for boys......

Here is the result...Robots!

Awhile ago, I posted a BIB TUTORIAL which you can follow to make these.  Before I cut mine out, I sewed one piece of a cotton print (10"L x 11"W) and a flannel (6"L x 11"W) together along one of the 11" sides.  Then I placed my bib pattern (link can be found in the tutorial) on top of the two pieces and positioned it so the seam was where I wanted it to be on the front.  Then I pinned my pattern piece and cut.  For the back of the bib, I cut out a piece of flannel with the pattern.  Before sewing the front and back together, I did sew a piece of rick rack on top of the seam to cover it (you could also use a decorative stitch here).

I was happy how these turned out and may just make my boy bibs like this from now on!  Now to get these in the mail to the little guy they were meant for. =)  


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