Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Non-slip Headbands

A couple of weeks ago, a student showed me some headbands that she was making.  She had seen them worn by a friend and was determined to make them herself.  She used ribbon for the outside of the headband and a velvet ribbon on the inside which helps it to stay in place (making it non-slip).

Shortly after, I found a pin on Pinterest by "That girl....That quilt" for this non-slip headband TUTORIAL for the same type of headband but this gal used up some of her leftover scrap fabric.  And well, I have lots of that!

So off I went to Hancock Fabrics and found these spools of 7/8" wide velvet ribbon.  I figured since this ribbon would be on the underside of the headband, that matching the colors to the fabric would not be crucial.  These are ribbon rolls sold by Simplicity and they are sold by the roll (not yard).

Next, I went home and measured my girls' heads.  Okay.  Now my kids have pretty big heads.  They always have had them and they know it.  For the fabric headband part itself, I had to cut a 2" x 18" long piece of fabric.  (I measured from behind the underside of their ear to the other side behind their ear).  From the ribbon, I also cut a 18" long piece of ribbon.

Next you will also need to cut your 1/4" wide elastic.  I cut my piece 4" long.

I basically then followed the rest of her tutorial and ended up with headbands that are about 1" wide. 

These are such an easy way to use up scrap fabric and to make matching headbands for those little dresses, skirts and tops you make for your little girl.  You could also make a small version for her doll as well.  For those making little dresses to send to little girls overseas, why not also add a headband to them!

Here is some ribbon that I had in my stash that I plan on making some headbands from.

Let me know if you make any headbands.....would love to see pics of them!

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