Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sewing Classes Begin Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  Ours was busy and went fast like I am sure most everyone can say.  This weekend, I have been cleaning, shampooing carpets, organizing and getting ready for a new set of sewing classes to begin tomorrow.

I wanted to give my new sewing students a look at the types of projects that they will be able to choose from as their "first project".  At our first class time together, we will go over the basics of fabric, the essential tools, places to buy all of the above, and learning the basics on the sewing machine.  Believe it or not, this will take 90 minutes. =)

Beginner Sewing Projects

Next, students which choose from some beginner projects to start on.  I will give them a supply list and then send them out shopping for those materials.

Here are the projects that students can choose from:

The Lined Tote Bag
This bag uses two different cotton print fabrics and teaches students how to make a lining, the easier way to make straps and how to apply fusible interfacing which gives it added strength and shape.  A half yard of a cotton print is needed for the outside of the bag and 1 yard is needed for the straps and lining.  One yard of fusible interfacing is needed for the bag.
Envelope Pillow


This project will help students learn how to measure and use a formula to figure out the material needed to cover a pillow form or a gently used pillow they want to recover.  Students will need a pillow to cover (preferably one under 20" square) and a yard of fabric (can use a cotton print or home decor fabric).
Full Apron
This is a full and reversible apron that can be made in an adult or a child size.  Students will need two different 1 yards of fabric along with 2 - 1" D rings for the adjustable neck strap.
Easy Little Girl's Skirt
This little skirt will teach students how to measure their little ones, use a formula to determine the amount of fabrics to cut and how to make a casing for the elastic.  We will also use the zig zag stitch to keep our edges from fraying.  For smaller children under 5, only a half yard of the main fabric and 1/4 yard of a contrasting for the band is needed.  1/2" wide elastic is needed for the waist.
Baby Bibs and Burp Cloths
Using flannel, students can also make bibs and burp cloths and learn how to sew around curves and sew velcro.  One yard of flannel should yield two bibs and one burp cloth. Students can also sew rick rack on as a decorative trim.  Sew-in hook and loop tape or Velcro is also needed.
I love to make my own pillowcases and this is an easy project to make for beginners.  This project also teaches how to use zig zag to finish off the edges of fabric so that they don't fray.  3/4 yard of fabric is needed for the main fabric and 1/3 yard is needed for the larger band (brown in this picture).  If the smaller band is also desired, then 1/8 yard is needed of that fabric.  *Try to stay away from directional prints in this project. 
In all of the above projects, remember to prewash your fabric to preshrink your fabric before you cut the fabric to make your project.  To prewash, simply send it through a rinse cycle and dry in the dryer on low heat.  Check for any bleeding of the colors before sending it into the dryer as you may need to send it through another cycle. 
Students will receive the pattern or directions for their choice of pattern in class or it will be emailed to them.
I'm looking forward to see what everyone will be making!

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