Friday, February 15, 2013

Gathered Clutch and Key Chain

This has been a week.  I came down sick late on Tuesday but before dropping off the map for a couple of days with a fever that hit 103, I was able to finish and mail out a very special birthday gift to a very special friend back in NY. 

First, I made this gathered clutch using THIS tutorial by Noodlehead.  I added a wrist strap because, well, I like wrist straps. The fabric came from Hobby Lobby.


It has a divider pocket on the inside.  The tutorial calls for a card pocket as well but I did not do that since I never use that pocket in the one I made for myself.

I also made a matching key fob for her, again, that will go on her wrist.  I will post a tutorial soon on how I make mine.

I had to wait until I knew she received her package before I could post pics.  She messaged me this morning that it made it there in time for her birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Kelly!!

And, I am feeling least I am back in the land of the living again.  I am too old for a fever that high and the body aches that go along with it.  Just waiting for my swollen glands to go down and my strength to come back.  Thanks to many of my students for their patience as I had to cancel classes for two days and for their well wishes!  See you all next week! 

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