Wednesday, February 27, 2013

March Sew Along - Rag Quilt

Introducing something new to the blog next month....our first ever SEW ALONG!

If you are not familiar with how this works, basically we take a month and work through a project together.  Each week, I will post on the blog the steps that you will need to cover that week in your project and by the end you will have one completed project.

For March, we will be making a lap sized rag quilt!  Each Wednesday in March, I will post your directions for that week and then you will have those few days to complete them.  If you don't get them all done that week, no worries.  Just keep working along to catch up as you have time. 

Ready to get started?

Here is the project for March:

This is a throw size (it measures approx. 60" x 60" finished ) that I made for my daughter Lauren.  She picked out the fabric and as you can see, she loves the colors brown and pink.

If you are not familiar with a rag quilt, they are made from layers of flannel and Warm and Natural batting as the inside layer.  The seam allowances are exposed on one side of the quilt and when washed, the edges "rag" leaving a soft look to this side.

Here is the layout diagram that we will be using for our quilt: 

According to this diagram, you can just use three different fabrics for your quilt if you wish.  Or you could be creative and use two or three main colors but multiple fabrics.  I used brown, light pink and medium pink but used 5 different fabrics. 

Here is the diagram I made with the fabrics I eventually purchased for my quilt.  I wanted to lay it all out so that I could see how it would all fit together so I cut little squares and laid it out and then glued them to my sheet.

To not get you too confused too soon, here is how much flannel you will need.  That way, you can buy the amount of flannel in just three fabrics or five.....whatever your heart desires. =)

Fabric Requirements:

Flannel - you will need 8 yards of flannel.  From each yard, you will get enough fabric to make 8 quilted squares for your quilt.  In this quilt, we need 64 quilted squares.  You might think this is ast lot of fabric, which it is in a sense, but there have been some great deals on flannel lately. This week at Joann Fabrics, flannel is 60% off making it less than $3.50/yard.

If you follow my first diagram, you will need 32 blue squares (4 yards), 12 light pink squares (1.5 yards) and 20 medium pink squares (2.5 yards) but as I mentioned, you can use any number of colors.  This part of the design aspect is all up to you.

Warm and Natural Batting - you will need 1.5 yards of batting that is 90" wide.  Some batting rolls might only be 60" wide so you will need 2 yards if you buy that width. They often have this on sale or use your 40-50% coupon to score this product.  If you are not sure what this is, it is often on the big rolls in the store near where the pillow forms are.  Some come pre-packaged in different quilt sizes but I like to buy it off the roll myself. 

Thread - you will need 1-2 spools of All Purpose polyester thread.  I used both pink and brown thread in my quilt.  It just depended on where I wanted it to show. 

So are you ready to try a rag quilt?  You have until next Wednesday, March 6th, to decide and purchase your fabrics.  Then next Wednesday, I will lead you through cutting it all!  Do not prewash your will wash it after you sew it and this will help the rag effect.

If you have any questions on where to purchase flannel or any other questions on the quilt itself, please let me know!  Happy Shopping!

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