Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Sew Along - Sewing Together Your Quilt! - Part 1

Last week, we quilted all of the squares for our quilt.  Now comes the fun part (it actually might not seem like it at first but it will be fun when you start seeing your quilt come together!).

Laying Out Your Quilt Squares - Part 1

I am going to break up this segment into two parts as my original blog post was getting long!  I will post Part 2 in a couple of days.

Okay, so this is a part in the process when you need some time and space to do this step.  So don't try to do this in the 10 minutes before you have to pick up your kids from school or try laying out your quilt on the kitchen table (unless you have a HUGE table). 

Let's take all of your quilted squares and lay them out how you want your quilt to look.  This might take you 15 minutes or an hour...just depends on how it all comes together and how you want it to look.

Remember that diagram I showed you at the beginning?  This one......

Use that as your guide.  Lay out your squares using this model but of course you can change things around depending upon how many colors you are using and the number of fabrics you have. 

Another idea is to cut little squares out of your scraps and lay them out on a piece of paper how you want them to look (I laid my quilt out at the same time and made the two match).  I then glued the little squares to the paper and used it as a reference since you may not be able to leave it laid out until you are done sewing it.

Here is my quilt laid out on the tables I have:

 Now this took some time as once you start laying out the squares, they can take on a whole new look so feel free to change around colors, play around with diagonal rows , etc.   Once you are done, either make your own little diagram or I have several students that take several pictures with their phones to remember which pieces go where. 

I will leave you with this for now as I know this can be a big job.  I will post tomorrow or Friday about sewing all of your pieces together (Part 2).

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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