Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rag Quilt Sew Along - Cutting Your Quilt Pieces

Hi Everyone!

Today we are beginning our Rag Quilt Sew Along!  If you are not familiar with this, you can see my introduction post HERE for the project description and the fabric requirements for this project.  It is okay if you don't have your fabric can catch up at anytime in the process.

Cutting Your Fabric:

Today we begin cutting our fabric.  Remember, we did not prewash it to help the ragging process later on.  Pull out your rotary cutter, self-healing mat and clear lip-edge ruler.  We will use these items to cut the flannel pieces.

Next, gather up your flannel.  Here is mine - I am using 5 different pieces of flannel.


For this quilt, we need 64 quilted squares.  Each quilted square consists of 2 - 9" squares of flannel and one 7.5" square of cotton batting.

From one yard of flannel, you will get enough fabric for 8 quilted squares (Or 16 - 9" flannel squares).

To cut your flannel, lay out your flannel on your cutting mat with the fold of the fabric at the bottom.  You will be cutting 9" wide strips of fabric from selvage to selvage.

To get all of your fabric on the mat, fold the selvage edges towards you so that they are now down near the folded edge of the fabric (see pic below).

Next place your ruler on the 9" line and start cutting 9" wide strips.  Out of one yard of fabric, you should be able to get 4 strips.


Next, take one of those strips and lay it out on your mat with the folded edge on the left side of the mat at the starting line of the ruler on the mat.  Notice the selvages are on the right...they will be cut off in a minute (see pic below).

 Go ahead and cut on the 9" line for your first set of squares (you are cutting out two at once) and then cut out another set of 9" squares.

So from this strip of fabric, you should have 4 - 9" squares of flannel.  You will need to also cut on the fold of the fabric to separate those two squares.  I just use my fabrics shears and cut right on the fold.

Do this with the rest of your fabric.  In total, you should end up with 128 squares of flannel that are 9".  This will make the 64 quilted squares.

Next, is the Warm and Natural batting.

I actually did not use my rotary cutter and mat for this.  The batting is a little thick to cut through with my cutter and by this time in the process, I am tired of standing and cutting fabric.  So I went to my computer and made a 7 1/2" square in one of my programs (or you could just use a ruler and draw one on a piece of paper).  I then used that paper square as my pattern piece for my batting squares.  The batting square needs to be a little smaller than the flannel squares so it does not get in the way of seam allowances (you will see how this works later on).

You will need 64 squares of batting that are 7 1/2".

I just pinned my paper square and then used my scissors to cut out my batting squares.  You can cut it two at one time and these don't need to be perfectly exact so don't stress.
So there you have how to cut out all of your fabric and how many squares you will need!  Next Wednesday, we will start quilting each square.
Remember, if you have ANY questions, please leave a comment below or message me!

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