Monday, April 22, 2013

Final Post - Rag Quilt Sew Along!

Well, here we are FINALLY!  The end of our Rag Quilt Sew Along.  I have one student in my Thursday class who has been working dilligently on hers.  It is going to be very pretty and I would love to see the pictures of your completed quilt too when you are done!

So last time, we discussed how to sew all of your quilted squares together to make your quilt.  Now we need to cut the fringes into the seam allowances and then wash it to create the "rag" effect.

Cutting the Fringes 

First, you will need to get your sharp, razor like pair of scissors.  Then find a comfortable chair and turn on your favorite music or watch a tv program as this will take a few minutes and you don't need to be near your sewing machine. 

You will be cutting snips into your seams allowances about a half an inch apart.
You will do this to all of your seams allowances on the one side of your quilt and along the perimeter of your quilt.  Remember to NOT cut through any of your stitching!

I forgot to take several pictures before I washed it so here are the edges after the quilt was washed.


After you snip all of your seams allowances and edges, you will machine wash your quilt in cold water (use laundry soap) and then tumble dry on low.  Keep an eye on your dryer as it will leave A LOT of lint in your lint trap.  I know some folks who take their quilts to the laundrymat  to wash their quilts to avoid all of the lint and the dryer are bigger. 

And your quilt is complete!  I hope you have enjoyed making your rag quilt as much as I have.  They make really nice wedding and graduation gifts as well.  Just keep an eye out for flannel on sale (they do run sales in the summer too) so you will be ready for your next quilt!

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