Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to Change Your Sewing Machine Needle

So if you have been sewing for a while with the SAME sewing machine needle, it is probably time to change it.  Many sources say to change it every 8 sewing hours or when you need to sew on a different fabric thickness/type.  Machine needles do become dull over time.  I notice it on mine when either my machine starts getting louder (the needle has to work harder to go through the fabric) or it begins to skip stitches.  If you have sewn several projects on the same needle or you can't remember ever changing it, it is probably time. 

I will talk in another post about needle types (I go over this info at our first class of Level 1 Beginner).  Here, we are just going to change our Universal size 12 needle to a new one.

First, locate the needle clamp screw that is located above the needle and to the right.


Second, using the little screwdriver that came with your machine (or another little tool that you happen to find in your hubby's toolbox =), turn to unscrew while HOLDING the needle .  It is important to hold the needle while doing this so it does not fall down into your machine (yep, been there and done that).

Now take out your new needle and find the flat side of the top of the needle (end opposite of the point).
With the flat side facing the back of your machine (very important), slide the needle up into the opening until it hits the metal round pin at the top of the opening.

And with your screwdriver/tool, really tighten the screw to hold the needle in place. 

And you are done!

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