Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Doggie Bandanas - National Dog Day!

So, yesterday, August 26th, was National Dog Day and it completely took me by surprise!  I did not have enough time to celebrate with our dog Mason!

Today was a new day and so I decided to find a bandana tutorial that we both would be happy with.  He HATES the tie on bandanas.  He just bites and paws at them to try and get them off but I think I finally found the answer.  A slip on bandana that goes on his collar. 

I searched for doggie bandanas and found a couple of really good tutorials that got me started.  The first one I found HERE was a good start but I really liked the fold over at the top of this one HERE.  So I took both ideas and modified it to fit Mason.  Both styles are lined and I added Mason's name using my embroidery before sewing them together.

Here is how they turned out:

Using the first tutorial,

It was hard to get him to sit still and sit up so I kept saying "Where are the birds Mason?" and we would look up in the sky (yes, he is a hunting bird dog).  Here is Mason taking off after a bird (or as it turned out, a butterfly) when I said that.

Here is the bandana from the second tutorial and modified a little bit:

It was a very easy sew and the only thing I would change would be the size of the casing to put the collar through (I made it a little too big) but I think I like the fold over style the best to show off both fabrics.

Hope you were able to celebrate National Dog Day and if not, make up for it by sewing up a doggie bandana for your special friend!

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Jake said...

I make the slip over the colar doggie bandanas for local rescues and my local shelter. One tip I have us to make the angle NOT 90 degrees! I've found they wear better whe you make the angle less, resulting in a shorter length. The longer length tends to flip up with wearing. Try it out! I think you'll like the fit better.