Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quilted Duffle Bag - Level 2 Beginner Project

Recently I made a quilted duffle bag for my daughter.  It is also a great project for a Level 2 Beginner in my sewing classes so I wanted to write about the tutorial that I used and some of the changes that I made in sewing the bag.


The tutorial that I used can be found HERE on the Sewplicity blog.  I really like her tutorial.  I ended up using pre-quilted fabric that I found at a quilt shop in Lancaster, PA last year.  You can find pre-quilted fabric at stores locally but the supply is limited.  You could quilt your own as she describes in the tutorial or use a home decor weight fabric and add fusible fleece to soften the bag.  The "L" I monogrammed using my embroidery machine with  the Split Curlz Font from 8 Claws and a Paw.

One thing I did differently was that I used a longer zipper to make a wider bag.  My separating zipper was about 26-28" long.  After all, little girls pack a lot of clothes, stuffed animals and books to go with them on trips.  And it was not hard to adjust the tutorial...you just cut a wider piece of fabric.

Secondly, I did not add the shoulder strap.  I just did feel that it was necessary so I left that part out. 

Lastly, for the straps, I used a cotton print instead of the same fabric.  Using the pre-quilted fabric would have made the straps really thick to sew through and honestly, I did not have enough fabric to do that with.  So, I bought some fabric that went well with it and made my straps from that.

Well there you have it, the quilted duffle bag.  I hope some of you choose to make one...they are very nice to take with you, especially on short weekend trips!

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