Friday, January 24, 2014

Super Hero Cape

This week, I had a special project to make that I was excited about.  A little over a year ago, a little boy in our church had a kidney transplant.  Our family had participated in a fundraiser walk for him  and had prayed that he would soon receive a new kidney.  His transplant was a success and this weekend a party is being held to celebrate his kidney's birthday!

He LOVES superheroes and so I checked with his mom and he did not have a cape!  Well, I think every little boy and girl needs a cape so I decided to make one for him to wear to his party.

Here is how it turned out.  Sorry about the poor pictures...I had lost natural sunlight by the time I was done and was giving it to him that night.

For this project, I used the free cape pattern that you can find HERE on the Nancy's Notions website.  There are other free tutorials out there for capes if you do a search.  For the emblem on the back, I ended up drawing my own as I couldn't find one that I liked and then I used a printout of his initial to do the monogram.  For my sewing students, this would be a good project to learn how to do appliques with your sewing machine.

Here is a picture of my daughter modeling the cape since it does look better on.  I think she secretly liked to wear it even though she wouldn't admit it.  Hope he has a wonderful time at his party tomorrow!

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