Monday, February 17, 2014

Fabric Key Chain Wristlet Tutorial

Today we are making a Fabric Key Chain Wristlet!  This project is quick to make and uses up left over fabric from other projects.  The moms that I have given these to, say that they love them as well as they keep their keys handy.

Let's get started.....

Materials Needed:

You will need to cut one piece of fabric (quilter's cotton prints works best) that is 4" x 13"
You will need one piece of fusible interfacing that is 4" x 13"
Cut these two pieces with your rotary cutter, mat and clear ruler to make it even easier and quicker.

For the hardware, you will need either a key chain ring (you can find these at most craft or sewing stores for cheap) or a metal clasp (I find these in the purse making supply area).  Just make sure the metal clasp has about a 1" d-ring attached to it.

First, iron the fusible interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric piece.  This means to find the glue side of your fusible interfacing (usually it is bumpy or shiny) and face it towards the wrong side of your fabric.  Then, using a medium setting on your iron, iron it until the heat activates the glue and it sticks to the fabric.  I often iron it from the fabric side.  Now your two pieces have become one!

At your ironing board, flip your piece over so you are looking at the interfacing side.  Next, fold in the long edges towards each other so that they just meet in the middle.  Iron as you move down the piece of fabric.

Next, fold this long piece in half matching the folded edges together and iron it well.

Now we are ready to start sewing so go load up your sewing machine with a thread color that would blend in well with the fabric that you chose.  You will want to set your machine to a straight stitch that is between 2.5 -3mm.  If your machine struggles to go through the thickness of this, bump it up closer to the 3mm.  It is very thick with the fabric and interfacing.

Take your metal hardware and slide it onto the fabric.  I am using a key chain ring on mine.

Next, we will make this fabric strip into a circle.  Unfold each end of your wristlet.  With right sides (pretty sides) facing each other, lay these two ends on top of each other and pin.  I try to match up the folds so that they are top of each other when I pin it.  The ring will be down near the bottom of the circle and out of the way.

Sew across this end using a 1/2" seam allowance.  Remember to reverse stitch at the beginning and end of your seams to help reinforce them.  Once sewn, you can trim down the seam allowance so it isn't so bulky. 

Refold your fabric strip now.  I normally finger press open the seam that I had just sewn so that it lays out flat when I refold it.

Next, you will be sewing along each side of your fabric keychain so you will be sewing in a circle.  To do this, you can use the free arm of your sewing machine (this is what you would use to sew around the hem of pants).  I moved my needle over to the right so that I could sew along the edge.  If you are not able to move your needle, place a guide (magnetic or a piece of tape) on the throat plate to help guide you along the edge.  I sewed a little less than 1/4" away from the edge.  Move your metal hardware out of the way as you go along.

Once you are done with one long side, go ahead and do the other!

Now you have a circle that is completely sewn on both sides.  Next, slide your ring up to where the seam is in the circle and then flatten out the key ring circle.

Sew across your key chain (definitely reverse stitch well at the beginning and the end) just under the metal ring or hardware.  This will keep the metal hardware at one end of the your key chain wristlet.  I sewed maybe 1/2" or so from the bottom of my metal ring.

You are all done!  Can you believe how easy that was?  Now go use up those leftover pieces of fabric and make some key chain wristlets as gifts for your friends and family!

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