Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Emma Jane's" Dolly

I wanted to share with you this little cutie that I made for my daughter, Emma.  If you know us well, our Emma has a couple of different nicknames.  One is "Grace" as her life has shown us the true meaning of that word since the day she was born.  Her other nickname is "Emma Jane".  Her real middle name is Leanne (my hubby actually named her) but Emma Jane tends to roll off the tongue a lot easier and we find us needing to use her middle a lot.  We don't use it a lot out of anger but out of surprise and bewilderment. =) 

She loves her dollies....always has.  For a long time, she had been asking me to make her one.  I made her sister a stuffed owl but she wanted a doll. 

So here is what I came up with:

This would be a great gift for a little one and you can leave off the button in the flower to make it even more safe for small children.  I have a few different pins on my Sewing board on Pinterest that helped me with designing her and I had to do a Google search to find a pattern that I could work with.  Here is the tutorial from Gingermelon that I ultimately used to make her:  TUTORIAL

I am still not sure if I like her skirt completely but Emma likes it so it stays.  The hair is made from felt, with some wool in it, that I purchased from Joann Fabrics and I hand painted her face after using a pencil to draw it on.  On my next doll, I want to add little shoes. Did I mention that softies, like her, were the first things that I ever sewed?  It actually was a rabbit with a dress that I made in about the seventh grade.  And I still love to sew them.  

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