Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY Bobbin Covers

Recently, I found a tutorial from Schlosser Designs on how to cover and tame the loose threads on my bobbins when not in use.  Even though I have a bobbin saver, which helps to hold them in place in my drawer, the threads were just all over the place!  Go take a look at her TUTORIAL and see if it might help you as well!

Here is a brief description of the process:

Go to a hardware store (I had hubby buy this at Lowe's) and buy clear plastic tubing in the plumbing section.  The outside of the tube is 3/4" while the inside is 1/2".  Note: If you send your husband to buy this, he might be a little skeptical so be ready to show him a picture so he will get on board.

In her tutorial, she uses an exacto knife to cut hers but since we don't have one, I had to use a box cutter.  Either way, be careful of your fingers.  I had a couple of close calls.

Next, I cut slices off one end of my tubing that would fit inside of my bobbins.  She goes into more detail on her blog but here is one of mine:

And here it is covering my bobbin.....
Don't they look all neat and organized now?  


If you are local to me, I have extra tubing (you get a lot of it for about $6) so I would be happy to share.  Just let me know and I will hold some for you!

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