Thursday, May 15, 2014

Springtime = Lots of Babies this year!

I know of several ladies who have had or are about to deliver babies this year.  I love to make baby gifts and this is a perfect opportunity for me to have some baby fun!

Our neighbors, a couple of doors down from us, had a sweet little girl recently.  A couple of weeks ago, my girls and I took some baby gifts to her.  I wanted to share in case anyone wanted to make some baby gifts for new little ones in their lives!

First, we have some bibs and burp cloths....after all, what new baby doesn't need those!

I used flannel for my bibs and burp cloths as I find them to be really absorbant.  I do prewash my fabric to preshrink it before cutting out my pieces.  This flannel I purchased at Joann Fabrics.

For the fonts, I used the Interlock Satin Font from Jolson's Embroidery.  They often have sales on their fonts so if you have an embroidery machine, I would follow them. 

If you would like to make the bib, you can find the tutorial HERE.

If you would like to make the burp cloth, you can find the tutorial HERE.

Here is one more bib that I made for little Madison once she gets older and ready to celebrate her first birthday!

The design is an applique done using the embroidery machine.  You can purchase applique files from designers and then stitch out the designs following the steps that they have laid out for you using your embroidery machine.  This bib is also made from flannel and the larger letters are made from woven cotton prints.  You can find this design at Applique Corner.  They also have a Birthday Boy design.

Madison also has an older sister and I wanted her to have something as well to help celebrate becoming a big sister.  I used my Embird embroidery software to combine letters to make this design.  Here is a t-shirt that sister can wear to make sure everyone knows her place in the family:

I have many more baby gifts to share once they have been gifted.  I also post pictures of my sewing projects on my Facebook page and I would LOVE it if you would come and join us there!

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