Friday, July 18, 2014

The Walking Foot - Part 2

Earlier this week, I introduced you to the walking foot that is used for quilting layers of fabric together.  (Read that post HERE if you missed it).  Today I am going to show you how to put it on your sewing machine and give you a link to a great project to get you started in quilting fabric!

First, grab the little screwdriver that came with your sewing machine (it is in the little bag with the extra presser feet and bobbins).  Locate the screw on the left side of your shank above the presser foot.  Go ahead and unscrew this from the machine and your presser foot and the piece it snaps on to will come off.



Next, take your walking foot and first find the little arm that sticks out above the presser foot. 
The groove of this arm fits right over the screw that you loosen when you change your needle.  It MUST be placed there or the walking foot will not work correctly.
Next place the walking foot over the shank (the shank will fit into the groove of the white piece shown here) and then line up the screw holes on the foot and the shank on your machine.

Use the screwdriver to hand tighten the screw until the foot is securely in place. 
This is how it should look from the front view.....
And the side view!



Now you know how to put the walking foot onto your machine which will come in handy when making the fabric box using THIS TUTORIAL by Seaside Stitches!
For my fabric box, I used 13" square pieces of fabric.  When sewing the corners, I measured 3" instead of 2" like in the tutorial but you can make it anything you want it to be!  We actually gave ours as a gift this weekend and the gal we gave it to thought it would be perfect as a napkin holder on for her table. 


If you have any trouble or have questions about making the fabric box or using your walking foot, please feel free to message or leave a comment below!  Hope learning about the walking foot was helpful to you!

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