Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Walking Foot

Many students ask about how to quilt fabric.  Many don't necessarily want to make a quilt but they are interested in smaller projects like a tablerunner, quilted duffle bag or a quilted fabric box like this one:

Isn't it cute?  And no, it isn't hard but using a walking foot makes it so much easier. More on this fabric box later (along with the tutorial).

So what is a walking foot and do you have one?  Here is what it looks like:

So go check in the little bag that came with your sewing machine to see if you have one.  If you bought a Brother CS6000i, which is popular among my beginner students, then you do have one.  You may have to look for it but it's there.  If you don't find one in the bag with the other extra presser feet for your machine, you can buy one HERE that is reasonably priced (if your machine is older, message me as you may need a different style of a walking foot that fits differently).  You will need a walking foot for a low shank machine if you have a newer sewing machine.
So what is a walking foot?
A walking foot is what we use to sew when we have three layers of fabric we want to feed through our machine at the same time.  Our machines have feed dogs on the bottom pulling the fabric through and the walking foot provides feed dogs on top to help as well.  Since quilting involves three layers of fabric (two layers of a cotton print fabric and a layer of batting), this is where we see this foot used the most. 
So go look for your walking foot if you are interested in learning how to quilt fabric and then meet me back here tomorrow and we will learn how to put that foot on your machine and how it is used to make that adorable fabric box!

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