Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to Wind a Bobbin

Most of my students have never used a sewing machine or it has been a really long time since they have used one.  We go over how to thread the machine and they learn how to wind their own bobbin.  Many folks think that you have to buy pre-wound bobbins when in fact you buy empty bobbins and then load your own thread onto them.

Now each machine is different on how to wind a bobbin but the general concept is basically the same.  I encourage students to refer to their sewing machine manuals but this tutorial will also help you in winding bobbins by remembering what you learned in class.  So let's get started!

First, go ahead and put your spool of thread on your machine.  Next, look for the diagrams on the top of your machine that help guide you with winding the bobbin.  In the below picture, the dashed lined diagram is the one for winding the bobbin (it is like that on many machines).

 On this machine, it says to load the thread from front to back around the small metal disc (the thread actually needs to go UNDER this tension disc so make sure it makes it there).  The only purpose for this round disc is to help wind the bobbin.  When you thread the machine for normal sewing, this disc will not be used.


 This is how it looks...same as in the diagram!

Take the end of your thread and from the inside out of your bobbin, put the thread through one of the holes.

Place your bobbin on the bobbin winder located in the top right hand corner of your machine.  You may hear a snap as it goes down into place.

Push the bobbin, and the holder, over to the right.  This will engage the spinning motion of the bobbin and disengage the needle from moving while you wind your bobbin.  (NOTE: If you have an older or a non-computerized machine, you may have to make an adjustment on your handwheel to stop the needle from moving while you wind your bobbin.  Consult your sewing machine manual). 


Holding the tail of thread that you put through the hold in your bobbin, go ahead and press on your foot pedal.  Hold the thread tail until the bobbin has thread covering its center core (if you let go too soon, the thread may unwind).


Take your foot off the pedal and stop.  Cut your thread tail off and then continue winding your bobbin. 

 Watch your bobbin as it winds.  The thread running from the spool to the round disc can be flopping around but once it goes from the disc to the bobbin, it should be tight and straight going onto the bobbin.  You will also see the thread winding up and down onto the bobbin to make sure that it goes on evenly.  If it stays in one spot as it winds onto the bobbin, you may need to flick the thread to keep it going.

The little plastic or metal piece to the right of the bobbin will tell the machine when your bobbin is full.  When the bobbin is full, the motor will continue to run but the spinning will stop.  At that point, take your foot off the pedal, push your bobbin and the holder back to the left (starting position) and then take the bobbin off the winder.  Cut your thread and you are now ready to thread your machine! 

Here is a tutorial to help you thread your sewing machine!

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