Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Magnetic Snap Tutorial

Last week, I posted about the Anna Cross Body purse that you can also make with THIS TUTORIAL.

I am often asked by students about how hard it is to install a magnetic snap in a purse or bag.  It is actually very simple so I thought we would do a quick tutorial on how to install them.

First, you can purchase these magnetic snaps at local stores such as Joann Fabrics.  I often purchase them from Joann Fabrics in their purse making section but you can also find them at Hancock Fabrics and Etsy.  This is what they look like....

There are 4 pieces in each set.  I often buy 2-4 sets at a time.

First, we will mark on our fabric where the magnetic will be placed.  On the bag pattern, there is a mark on the pattern that we just have to transfer.  This picture is marking the flap of the purse so we will use the male part of the magnetic snap here.

I used my fabric marking pen to make two little marks where my snap prongs will need to go into the fabric.  I used the snap to determine where to make the markings.

If your pattern has not told you to do so, you will need to reinforce the area where the snap will be.  You can add a square of fusible interfacing or even template plastic on the wrong side of the fabric.

Using my small, sharp pointy scissors, I make small slits into the fabric at the markings and then insert the prongs into the fabric.

Next, put the round piece over top of the prongs and then push/bend the prongs towards the center (like a paper fastener).  You are done!  Do the same process for installing the other half of the magnetic snap.  

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Thank you Marcia! This was very helpful.