Friday, October 24, 2014

Pajama/Lounge Pants

It's that time of year when the temperatures start to dip down at night and my girls realize that their pajama pants became way too short since they wore them last.

There is a commercial pattern that I use in class and for my girls that is easy to sew.  It is perfect if you need a size for an older child or an adult.  My girls wear a size 10-12.  This pattern comes with both adult AND youth sizes which is also great.  (If you need a smaller children's size, please see the link to a free pattern at the end of this post).

Did you know that stores, like Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics and Joann Fabrics, often put their patterns on sale for $1-$2 each?  Just watch for their sales and then have the pattern number ready to go in and buy it.  I often buy more than one of the same pattern if I need different sizes.  It is much easier and cheaper to do that than to try and copy/trace the patterns (in my opinion).

Here is the pattern that I use:

My sewing students have the option of using this pattern to make PJ pants once they are done with their first project.  I often suggest using a cotton print or flannel to make their first pair but fleece can also be used.  Because fleece is very wide, I only need 1 1/4 yards to make one pair of pants for my girls.

Fleece can be a little bulky to sew so I make my fleece pants a little differently.  I only fold the casing for the elastic and the bottom hem under once instead of double folding it.  You cannot iron fleece as it will melt (trust me) and so you will need use lots of pins.  Fleece also does not fray so you do not have to finish off the edges.

Here are the pants that I have made lately for my girls:

The fleece is so soft and girls just love them!  So if you are ready to try an easy commercial pattern and need a larger youth or adult size, I would definitely give this pattern a try!  If you need a smaller children's size, check out this free pattern from Create Kid's Couture over on

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