Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bobbin Buddies

Last weekend, I went to my local quilting shop here in Stallings called Quilt Patch Fabrics for their Barefooters Sale.  I love that little store and I love to look through the new sewing notions and tools that they have.

On this trip, I found Bobbin Buddies!  They are little plastic clips that hold your bobbin and spool of thread together, like this:

Aren't those great?  Now you might be wondering, why do you need to keep them together....can't you just find the right bobbin for your spool of thread when you need it?

So here is how I normally store my bobbins....in my Bobbin Savers (yep, another sewing gadget):

My problem is that I have noticed lately, especially at night, that I have a hard time telling the black and navy blue bobbins apart.  This is also a little true for my white, cream and lighter cream bobbins. So I only bought 6 bobbin buddies to deal with these colors.  And because they come in three pretty colors, I had to get two of each to be fair.

They still have plenty more at the store in a jar by the cutting counter if you are local or you might be able to find them online.  They are only 35 cents each so they won't break the bank either.  Another great way to keep my thread drawer organized and save me time trying to find the right colors!

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