Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dritz Ezy-Hem Gauge

Earlier this month, I was working on sewing pillowcases for a local group that provides sunshine boxes to those going through chemo treatment.  These soft pillowcases help to make the hours the patients are in a chair for treatment a little more comfortable.

Well, when you need to iron large hems, you look for sewing tools that will help to make the process go faster.  Here is the tool that I used that may help you in a project that you are working on:

The Dritz Ezy-Hem gauge is a thin but sturdy metal with lots of lines to help you with your hemming.

Here is a pictures of the back of the gauge which is the side that I use the most:

For the pillowcases, I iron the open edge (the side where the pillow goes into) under 2.5" and then again another 2.5".  I fold the fabric to the wrong side and use the gauge to measure it to 2.5".  What makes this tool great is that you can iron right on top of it!  The gauge is still inside of the fold of fabric when I iron it.  Here is a picture of one of my folds:

Maybe you are making curtains or a shower curtain and need a helpful tool for large hems.  I would suggest this gauge as it has been a big help to me.  I purchased mine at Hancock Fabrics but I am sure it can also be found at Joann Fabrics.  You can also find it on Amazon.com HERE (link to Amazon is an affiliate link where I earn a small fee for directing you there but it doesn't add to your cost).

Happy Hemming!

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