Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sunny Day Shorts by Oliver + S

So it has been pretty warm and toasty here in North Carolina.  We were spoiled last week when we visited our family in upstate NY...temps were only in the 70's and low 80's the whole time we were there.

Between that heat factor and the fact that my twin 12 year old girls are growing like weeds right now, I decided to make some pajama shorts for my older daughter out of a lightweight woven cotton print that I had on hand.  My girls are not the nightshirt types....they want shorts or pants to wear to bed (wonder where they got that from).

I have wanted to try this free pattern from Oliver + S  to see if it would be beginner friendly for my sewing students.  I am happy to say that it is!  Their Sunny Day Shorts Pattern is a free PDF pattern that you can download and print out on your home printer!  The sizes range from 6m - 12 and it is suitable for boys and girls. Here are the shorts that I made today:

These are a kids size 12 and they fit her well so I may also make her some more out of khaki or navy that she can actually wear out of the house.  I will probably also lengthen them a little for everyday shorts as she is more of a Bermuda style girl.

I did sew my pair of shorts a little different that what the pattern suggests and I will be writing another blog post to discuss that so stay tuned.  Shorts/pants can be sewn an alternate way which I prefer to sew and I prefer to teach this other method.

So head over to their website and take a look around....they have several free patterns to download including the Sunny Day Shorts!

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