Thursday, September 10, 2015

In The Hoop Key Chains

Lately, I have been fascinated with key chains that are made "in the hoop" with my embroidery machine out of marine vinyl.  I had no idea what marine vinyl really was or how thick it was but I decided to buy a couple of designs and order some sheets of vinyl for a reasonable price to try them out.

I decided to buy two designs from AKA Applique.  She has some really fun designs and has several of the "mom" designs.  Since I am both a volleyball mom and a dog mom, I decided to start with these two designs.

As for the vinyl, I was pretty busy at home and didn't have a lot of time to travel around looking for marine vinyl so I order from MiKri World.   They had some other supplies that I needed as well so I ordered and received my package very quickly.  They have a great selection of unique supplies!

Here are the key chains that I made...I also made one for a friend as her daughter plays volleyball with our girls.

Now, I have learned a couple of things along the way which may or not help some of you who may want to also try these.  First, the needle.  I use a size 75/11 embroidery needle.  I did try a size 14 but it was just too big.  Ladies in the AKA Appliqué Facebook suggest using a Sharp needle, instead of embroidery but I didn't have any on hand and the embroidery ones did fine.

Here is what the back of the key chains look like.  The stitching in the back is covered with another piece of vinyl.

Another thing that I learned is that occasionally, my white bobbin thread would show in the top stitches.  And that,!  When doing the final stitching around the key chain, you need to use the same color as the top anyhow so I just took it a step further and I now use the same color bobbin as my top threads so I don't have those little white threads peaking through.  Probably not what you are SUPPOSE to do but to save my sanity and make me more comfortable with the quality of the key chains, it is what I choose to do. Yes, it might be overkill but I would rather do that than be bothered by slight thread inconsistencies.

Here are some more key chains that I have made since that first batch.  I have also found marine vinyl at Hancock Fabrics in the basic colors (navy, grey, light beige) for a very reasonable price in the flat folds section.

If you have any questions about trying an In The Hoop project, feel free to email at  I will be adding many of these and other finished items to my new ETSY store so please be sure to add me as a favorite there!

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