Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sewing Tip for the Day: Velcro and Wonder Clips

Here is my sewing tip for the day:  when working with Velcro, I use these red Clover Wonder Clips to hold my Velcro in place instead of pins.

This is one of the catheter tubing covers that I make and there are 7 sets of Velcro. Yep. 7. That means that I have 14 little pieces of Velcro to sew on and they each have to be equally spaced apart.  Pinning them was no easy task and I ended up with lots of bent pins.  Then I remembered that I had bought these handy clips for holding my quilt binding in place and they were perfect to hold the Velcro in place!

Here is a link to a pack of 10 Wonder Clips (NOTE: this is my affiliate link):


You could also use those black office clips that you buy from an office supply store if you have those.  I can never find ours so I keep these hidden in my sewing desk drawer in an old Altoid tin.  My kids are usually so disappointed that there aren't actually candies in there that they leave my clips alone.

Happy Sewing!

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