Friday, December 4, 2015

Quilted Christmas Stockings

In our house, we have a little inside joke about our Christmas stockings.  My sister made beautiful embroidered stockings for our girls when they were born and I had made John a stocking when we were first married. stocking is one that my Grandma made when I was a child.  I love it but it is a little dated with lots of sequins (that she probably all hand sewed on, bless her heart) and yes, she used yarn to help decorate it.  I love it and usually find a place for it but it doesn't really blend with the other stockings on the mantle.

SO...I decided to make my own!  I found THIS tutorial from Imagine Gnats and that is where I found my inspiration.  She cut her strips very wide but I had a box full of strips left over from a Christmas tree skirt that I made last year so I used those.

Here is how it turned out!

And yes, I added my name to the stocking since my girls have their names on theirs.

This stocking was machine quilted using my walking foot.  I decided to quilt with straight lines going in different directions since the fabric pieces are straight strips sewn at different angles.

I even quilted the back of the stocking as I just didn't feel it was right not to!

I used Warm and Natural batting on the inside of my stocking and it is lined with a ivory and gold fabric (I forgot to take a picture of the inside!).  

The tools that were most helpful in this project were my rotary cutter, ruler and mat and the walking foot for my sewing machine.   Making a quilted stocking does take some time to figure out the piecing of the strips and then quilting it so I would not say this it is a fast project, one hour.  

I really enjoyed making this stocking!  It was like making a tiny little quilt, haha!  I am planning on offering several in my Etsy shop next year but I was able to finish one today and it is for sale.  You can find the listing HERE.  

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