Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's Good To Be Home

These past 4 weeks have been busy ones so I have taken a short hiatus from sewing, blogging or working on Etsy.  It started with family coming to visit in the middle of March and our twin girls having a very busy week before Spring Break.

For Spring Break, the girls and I travelled to NY to visit my mom who had major surgery back in January and is still recovery and going through therapy.  She is not able to drive so we ran a lot of errands and helped her clean around the house.  We drove up on a Saturday and came home the following Friday.

We had enough time to do laundry and then re-pack our bags before we headed off on the Junior High History trip with our girls school.  The girls and I had a great time visiting civil war battlefields in Tennessee and Georgia but we were ready to come home after the three days.

Now I am back home and have jumped back into sewing and catching up on everything!  We will continue our Beginner Sewing Series tomorrow with a lesson on sewing machine needles.

But until then, here are some pictures of a special project that I finished before we left.  Last year, my sister in-law asked me if I would make a memory pillow for her mother in-law (Judy).  I was to use a hand embroidered blouse that Judy's mom had made, for this special project.  Here are some pictures of the blouse as I cut the pillow pieces:

I used EVERYTHING I could from this blouse, including the sleeves.  There actually was a decent amount of fabric in the long sleeved blouse.  I saved as much of the embroidery as I could and here is the finished item.

Judy bought the lace to be added around the edge and I was able to cut enough fabric to make the ruffle behind it.  The pillow has a zipper at the bottom to easily remove the pillow form inside.  Finished size is 14"x14" which is a decent size to get from a shirt/blouse.  I was nervous to cut everything so this is definitely a project where you measure three times and cut once!!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow as we continue our sewing series and talk about what type of sewing machine needles to buy and when to change them!

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