Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Seeds Table Topper

A little over a month ago, a close friend of mine had a birthday.  I wanted to make her something special for the upcoming holiday so I decided to make her a table topper that I had been wanting to make for myself.  Sometimes making things for others creates a greater motivation and things get done quicker!

I decided to make the Winter Seeds Table Topper from The Crafty Quilter.  Even if you don't quilt but just want to look at some fabric pretties, her website is fun to browse through.

Years ago, I had purchased a set of winter fabric fat quarters at a fabric store near Lancaster, PA.  My friend is also originally from that part of the state so I decided to use them in her table topper.  Here is how it turned out:

That snowman fabric in there is some of my FAVORITE.  

I did my make my "seeds" a little differently than in her tutorial to try a different technique. I have the circle magic plus (now called the small orange peel) template from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and I used that to cut out two pieces of fabric for each seed.  I sewed them together and then cut a slit in the fabric that would be on the bottom to turn them right side out.  I then ironed them (really well) and then sewed them on the table topper.  In my next one, I will use more of her method but probably do fusible web on the whole seed as opposed to just the edge.  I am pretty sure that I have enough patience to do all of that cutting like she did to have the fusible web just at the edges! 

I forgot to measure the table topper before giving it my friend but it is a good size.  The Crafty Quilter lists the final size as being 27 1/2" wide.  It really is a fun and not too hard of a pattern to make.  And the color options are endless!  I think I will make one for spring next!

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